We Innovate.

Off-line to Online

Team of individuals with different set of Specific skills

Innovveb comprise of individuals that are well equipped with different skills for specific needs.

Vast experiences & clients from different industries

Throughout our endeavor, we have deal with clients from many different industries with different exposures.

Business-Minded Yet creatively equipped for solutions

Innovveb’s members always put themselves in clients’ shoes to identify the best approach for their business.

Going Strong since


Innovveb Creative Agency has consistently expanded its portfolio since 2018. From website design, branding and social media management, we constantly improve our services to make our vision a reality; bringing every business in Malaysia online. We do so with the 5 creative creed we’ve always stick to.

Creative Creed #1

Being 'oliginal'

Life is unpredictable. That’s how we love to do our work. Actively striving for ideas that are out of the ‘boxes’ and being unpredictable. Repeatedly study, research and rethink every idea and inspiration that we lay our eyes on.

Creative Creed #2

Sense of Belonging

Appreciate the moment. We want our clients to love our jobs. In doing so, we are able to learn and excel in our work; adjusting and making improvements along the way. Everyone is involved in the project, including you. 

Creative Creed #3

Quality Comes First

Stay the course. Regardless of big or small project, we ensure that the quality is the top priority in every manner. If it isn’t nice, we start all over.

Creative Creed #4

Going The Extra Mile

Against all odds. We improve, improve and improve. Our work are always being recheck a few times by the team. Overachieving is always our motivation and our fuel to go the extra mile. 

Creative Creed #5


As free as a bird. When it comes to design, we explore endlessly through every corner and possibilities. There’s no strings attached or restrains when it comes to designing for us.