Agriculture & Solar
Intertwined For the Future

As Earth ages, greeneries and solar energy is becoming a crucial part of the world’s wellbeing in every aspect of economy, social and nature. New technologies and skills for agriculture and solar energy are constantly improving for the better future.

What you Expect us to Deliver

Website Design, Logo Design

What Else We Can Provide

Photography, Content Writing, Translation, Research, Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Marketing Collateral, Graphic Design

What is Expected
of Innovveb Now

Hi there! From the team of Innovveb, we would like to extend our appreciation to you for your opportunity. As what has been communicated between you and our Marketing Guru, we are proposing the website design quotation for you.

We always love the Inverted Pyramid schematic; we’ll start from the big picture and narrow down to the minute information. But first, a quick trip down to memory lane to show your current website’s sitemap. Please bear with us. 

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Project Cost
Project Details
Yearly Fees
Payment Terms

Project Cost


*Price above are only estimate and under the assumption you need all the services listed below.


Corporate Website of 6 Pages

This is our current price for Corporate Website of 5 Pages. 



Extra 1 Page

Every extra page cost starts from RM350/page.



Logo Design

Logo design with 3 times revision after confirmation from one of two concepts proposed.


Project Details

Corporate Website

For this proposal compared to the previous ones, there are 6 pages in total where it was discussed was Homepage, About, Contact, Training, Installation and Achievement.

We suggest not to lump all services into one page as it makes it easier for your visitors to know what page to go to if it’s categorized. Secondly, too much information and images in a page will slow down the website loading speed as well. 

Hence, we suggest to separate Training and Installation page into 2 separate pages.

While the products that you are selling, we will help to make a simple image to show visitors what you are selling in the Homepage and some details below such as they can go to your farm to purchase. Should they be interested, they can Whatsapp you directly as well. 

Any extra pages after this will cost RM350/page.

Optional Service

Below are some of the optional services that we can provide.

Content Writing

We provide service for content writing for client that are focusing on the major operation while we handle the digital end for them. This is an optional service that we provide should you require content writing for your website.

From RM500


Below are the timeline for us to complete the projects. Do note that some of the services required are needed to run concurrently in order for the visual and content to fully incorporate within the website. Should photography is not required, we will proceed with the project with images provided from your end.

Note that should we not receive any assets by the design stage, there would be a delay on the project.


Approximately 2 Weeks. For quicker completion, there’ll be an extra cost of 100% of current quotation.

5 Working Days
We will send some documents of the things we will need from you to kick-start the project while waiting from your end to prepare all the needed contents for us to start.
5 Working Days
3 Working Days
Innovveb's team will proceed with the full design on the website.
3 Working Days
2 Working Days
Beta Test, revision and feedback session. For your team to fully review the design and what changes needed to be made.
2 Working Days
2 Days
A confirmation from you. Any other feedback or changes required will delay the launch of the website.
2 Days
3 Working Days
As all website projects are done from our staging server, we will start the migration when we have your approval.
3 Working Days

Yearly Fees

10GB Storage Basic Hosting with 10 e-mail addresses and yearly maintenance. – RM700/year. First year is free.

Or you can opt for SSD Hosting of 10GB storage and 10 email addresses for RM850/year. Need to pay starting from 1st year. 

Domain Name

Aside from Hosting, Domain is an identity for your website that’s a must have. For the correct cost of  the domain name, we would need your desired domain name for us to check the availability and the cost. 

Payment Terms

We have and always respect and appreciate our design team’s designs and creativity. We do not give out our designs proposal without a confirmation or commitment from our client. Thus, we can only provide a demo should our client is fully committed to work with us. We hope you can understand. 

Our payment terms is 50% down payment to confirm the job. Remaining 50% to be made during the confirmation phase. Of which when receive, we will proceed with the migration.

Once we received a confirmation of the options you opt for, we will prepare an official quotation for you.

For Your Eyes Only

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Final Disclaimer

Before we fully commit to ourselves, please read through our terms & conditions first.