Innovveb Proposal for Mizu

To concerned parties, please find our proposal for the website project for Mizu. This is only based on the preliminary discussion that we had. Any other extra functions such as CMS on certain pages or extra pages are not included.

Before we proceed, please find the cost of the project and the time frame that will take to complete this project. Do understand that we take each projects personally and always hoping for the best outcome for both the owner as well as the visitors of the website, hence the time frame of our project is substantial compared to other agencies. 

Project Budget


Total Cost: RM7,830


Total Cost: RM1,708


We don’t rush our work. We want the best, delicate and elegant website.

The time frame for both the projects are as designated below. 


Approximately 2 months job.

1 Day
We will visit your office for a full discussion on the implementation of user interface.
1 Day
5 Working Days
Our team will do research on how to maximize the website functionality in terms of comfort and accessibility of browsing the website.
5 Working Days
6 Working Days
Wire Frame
Upon the research, we will draft out a wire frame for all the pages we proposed.
6 Working Days
3 Days
Submission of wire frame design for you to review. Once confirmed, we will proceed with the design.
3 Days
10 Working Days
Innovveb's team will proceed with the full design on the website.
10 Working Days
10 Working Days
Beta Test
Revision,beta testing and feedback session. For your team to fully review the design and what changes needed to be made.
10 Working Days
3 Days
From the feedback, we will make the changes as per instructions and let you confirm before we launch.
3 Days
3 Working Days
As all website projects are done from our staging server, we will start the migration when we have your approval.
3 Working Days

iPay88 Application

2 months.

Up to 3 Weeks
Merchant Account & Online Banking takes 7 to 14 working days to process.
Up to 3 Weeks
Up to 2 Months
Credit Card
Within 30 to 40 days (additional requirement for submission - website requirement and office/home photo). This will only commence once Application Phase is complete.
Up to 2 Months

Mizu Website

An Affiliation Program

Our previous discussion entails an e-commerce that does the following process.

Merchant Make Payment > Stock of Merchant Updated > Customers >  Mizu e-Shop > Select Area > Select Merchant > Buy Products >  Mizu Deliver > Mizu Provide Commission 

Above is the process that you wanted. However, this process is highly costly as well as inefficient for your admin to handle. We would like to offer a simpler and efficient way. 

Simple steps to a successful automated system

Our steps are simple.

  1. e-Commerce with a simple design and easy access that allows people to register as an affiliate.
  2. Mizu sets the commission %. 
  3. Afiiliate can generate link to share in social media or any other channels they want.
  4. Customer clicks the link, all products bought are fully tracked from the link. You and affiliate/merchant will know if sales are successful and able to track the amount and commission to be paid.
  5. Mizu receives order that can be tracked from the admin end and deliver as usual.
  6. Affiliate/Merchant can login and check their sales and commission received. All these are done from the admin end, and updated to show your affiliates.

*This is only a sample of admin end. Design might vary depending on the workload.

*This is only a sample of affiliate login. Design might vary depending on the workload.

Payment Gateway

There are 2 options for payment gateway. 

  1. Stripe
  2. iPay88


Stripe does not have annual fee. Which means you do not need to pay a single cent every year for the services. However, they do have a fix rate charges.

Assuming product is priced at RM25. 

Each successful transaction will take up a cost of RM1.75(RM0.75 +RM1).


iPay88 works differently.

Assuming product is priced at RM25. We are referencing SME package with Online Banking.

Each successful transaction will take up a cost of RM0.73


Each of its own merit and commitment. Stripe howeer, do have optional package for high volume customers. Should your website show success in the first year, you can always apply for a different rate.

Yearly Cost

The yearly cost for this project includes Hosting, Maintenance and Affiliation Program update from time to time. The cost is RM2,300/year.

Payment Terms

We have and always respect and appreciate our design team’s designs and creativity. We do not give out our designs proposal without a confirmation or commitment from our client. Thus, we can only provide a demo should our client is fully committed to work with us. We hope you can understand. 

Our payment terms is 50% down payment to confirm the job. Remaining 50% to be made during the confirmation phase. Of which when receive, we will proceed with the migration.

Please let us know your decision as well as the Payment Gateway you opt for and we will generate an invoice for you.

Our Very own Effort

Please do understand that whatever was proposed above are of our own team’s effort and we hope you will keep this link between us only. We wish you all the best in your endeavor.

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