Innovveb Proposal for XCS Management

To concerned parties, please find our proposal for the website revamp for This is based on our research on your current website.

Before we proceed, please find the cost of the project and the time frame that will take to complete this project. Do understand that we take each projects personally and always hoping for the best outcome for both the owner as well as the visitors of the website, hence the time frame of our project is substantial compared to other agencies. 

Project Budget

*Estimation price is only on the cost of website design. Any extra functions, content writing services or any other services not mentioned in the proposal if of extra charges.

Total Cost: RM2,300


We don’t rush our work. We want the best, delicate and elegant website.

The time frame for the project is as designated below.

Approximately 2 weeks job.

1 Day
We will visit your office for a full discussion on the implementation of user interface.
1 Day
2 Working Days
Our team will do research on how to maximize the website functionality in terms of comfort and accessibility of browsing the website.
2 Working Days
3 Working Days
Innovveb's team will proceed with the full design on the website.
3 Working Days
1 Days
Submission of wire frame design for you to review. Once confirmed, we will proceed with the design.
1 Days
2 Working Days
Revision and feedback session. For your team to fully review the design and what changes needed to be made.
2 Working Days
1 Days
From the feedback, we will make the changes as per instructions and let you confirm before we launch.
1 Days
3 Working Days
As all website projects are done from our staging server, we will start the migration when we have your approval.
3 Working Days

Subtlely Professional

We have research through your old website and this is the sitemap of your website.

Current Pages

These are the 5 pages that you currently have in XCS Management website. After thoroughly researching website, we have some suggestions that you can consider to implement for the revamp.


We have included a mockup of a Homepage below for you to refer to. Note that it is only a proposal and should it’s not up to your standard or expectation, we can propose other designs. 

You can also consider on elaborate on service page or client page if needed. Be reminded that extra pages has an extra cost of RM300/page. 

It would be better if you share with us your objective and expectation and we can propose something else.


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Prepared on 30 April 2020  | 2.13 a.m.